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If you could design your life, right now, from scratch, what would it look like?

Most of us don’t design our lives. We get caught up in the momentum of living — school and college and relationships and family and career — and turn around one day to realize we’ve ended up someplace we never intended to go.

Sometimes that’s serendipitous, because we get places we couldn’t have imagined or wouldn’t have let ourselves go for if we’d known where we were headed.

But sometimes we find that we’re living the life we’re supposed to be living instead of the life we want to be living. Sometimes we realize we’ve left important parts of ourselves behind. Sometimes our lives feel too small for us, too confined. Sometimes we get what we’ve been working for all this time only to find that it doesn’t bring us the joy we thought it would.

If you’re dissatisfied with your life, it’s time to design a new one.

That doesn’t mean running away to Bali and leaving behind every friend, relationship, job or responsibility. It could, but I bet it doesn’t. Because chances are, there’s many parts of your life you passionately love.

And that’s where you start — with a clear look at everything you love and everything you, well, don’t so much love. Then you add curiosity, experimentation, and intention to design your right life. Slowly, but faster than you ever thought possible, that right life comes into being.

A well-designed life is idiosyncratic, unique, and utterly perfect … for you.

Everyone’s right life is different, which is why the social pathways that herd everyone in the same direction don’t work for so many people.

When your life is well-designed, it’s inspiring. It’s utterly you. It includes all the disparate parts of your heart. When your life is well-designed, you’re grounded in the confidence of shining your true light into the world. When your life is well-designed, you can do anything.

Design your life. Start from now.